Race Report Challenge Heilbronn

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Last Sunday I had my first race as a professional athlete and made it straight to the podium.  3rd place is just more than I could have every imagined. My surprise was unmissable through my happy tears that were running over my cheeks while I was crossing the finish line…

The week’s before the race were an intense rollercoaster of emotions. I had to deal with ups and downs, back and forth of how my future will look like. Adding to this, I had difficulties to get access to a new starter pass for my old team LAZ Saar05 Saarbrücken, which is always a big help to their athletes. #laz #lazgo

I was racing for the first time with my new, beautiful #cubebike the #blackbeauty (it rides amazing btw.) But during my bike part, I received a time penalty – for blocking an AG athlete who was kinda stuck to by back wheel.  It confused be for a short moment. The bottom line I learn from this experience: It’s always better not to argue with a referee about right or wrong. Otherwise, 5 minutes can turn fast into 8.5 minutes ??

After waiting in the penalty tent for like forever, I was filled with emotions! I had to turn those into my advantage and started the comeback. #comeback  #aufholjagd#stayfocused #focus #nevergiveup

All the effort I put into the race till the transition 2 (where I was in 3rd place) seemed to glide through of my hands. The first 5 kilometers I had more a mental race it felt like. To my regret, I also needed to  run to the ladies room… maybe because I was so angry about myself.

But after this, I was fighting hard and passed the 4th women by kilometer 16/17. Soon Natascha Badmann was finally in visual range, even though she was 6.5 minutes ahead of me after the T2 and the 8.5 minutes penalty. I got pumped and increased my running speed. Thank you, Natascha Badman, Ironman icone and 6 times Hawaii winner, who supported me even while passed her: „You go girl. I can’t keep up that pace“. You are truly an incredible athlete and I have a huge respect for your performance!

Finally, I reached the finish line – crying like a happy baby. What an amazing day!!

Thanks to my coach Rainer Skutschik. Without your help, I would have never made it this far. And I hope for an even brider future with you.

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